How to View PDF on iPad?

How to View PDF on iPad?

“Reading is a joy on iPad”, says Apple on the iPad’s homepage. When Apple announced the iPad, I immediately imagined that it would be a superior way to view PDF books on the iPad in a tablet-style format. The PDF format is popular for eBooks, but unfortunately, the iPad does not support PDF directly. On the Apple iPad Specs page, there is a single mention of PDF support for the iPad – in the Mail application as an attachment. Let’s walk through two main ways currently available to view PDF files on the iPad.

Built-In PDF Viewing

Mail Application – The iPad supports viewing PDF files that are sent as attachments via email in the Mail application. Simply download the attachment, click to launch, and you can view the PDF.

Safari Web Browser – Also, selecting a link to a PDF file in the Safari web browser will also allow you to view an image inline.

In both cases, notice that there is a border around the pages in the PDF content. I would prefer to have the content take up more of the screen. No problem – just pinch and zoom in to hide the borders. This choice is remembered as you navigate to subsequent pages.

There are limitations to the built-in support, however. If you reopen a PDF file, it does not maintain the last read page location. And if there are clickable links in the PDF, such as in the Table of Contents, you cannot click on them. So, you’re stuck scrolling down potentially hundreds of pages to get to the location you want.

Best PDF Viewing

If you want to enjoy reading your PDF by flipping the pages like a book, adjusting the formats to fit the screen automatically, just like EPUB does. You should consider converting PDF to EPUB format, the fact is, reading EPUB files with iBooks application on the iPad is a joy.

PDF Converter is a handy application that can convert eBooks from PDF to EPUB format for iPad.

Follow 3 steps:

(1) Add PDF files.
(2) Choose the page range (all pages or particular page range) and output folder.
(3) Click Convert.

Sync EPub to iPad

(1) Connect your iPad and launch iTunes, click File->Add to Library.
(2) Select the EPUB you created by the application mentioned above.
(3) The EPUB file will appear in the iTunes.
(4) Select the books you want to sync to the iPad, click the Sync button.
(5) Launch iBooks on iPad, enjoy.

Of course, some PDF readers for iPad are available, but your fingers will be busy adjusting the size and moving the PDF to fit the screen. Convert PDF to ePub is the best way to view PDF on the iPad.

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