New Hot Festool Miter Saw Technology

All miters saw are simply the same, there I stated it! Now that I purchased that taken care of, the Festool KAPEX is considered the most advanced and cheap miter saw I’ve ever seen. Now there is the enhanced Festool Kapex KS 120 REB.

At a cost of $1500 a lot of Pros just shake their heads. Lots of folks I realize say that Festool items are developed, without a doubt, but some great benefits of the instruments themselves don’t rationalize the prices.

Will You Acquire

Well If you’re an expert professional you need to begin looking in your resources for an investment… I’ve possessed my Kapex for about 8 maybe ten years. When you amortize this over 8 many years that $187 per year or $150 at several years.

Do You make use of a Kapex daily? Heck no, usually, we’re a cordless Job site, and my people use my information. Much like my favored pickup pickup truck, I prefer to drive a Chevy with the Job site plus a Mercedes at home… being very clear, I don’t own a Mercedes, wish I have done.

My position is, I prefer the Kapex [Mercedes] where it most closely fits as to what I really do. It lives in my go shopping where we create mantles, bookcases and finish components where true preciseness carpentry concerns.

I might Not need to subject my Kapex on the task-site neglect my cord less “Chevy” miter saw endures.

Then there are individuals that execute these kinds of substantial-quality carpentry they want/need to have a Kapex on their own web site – that’s great also!

Effectively as you now know how I look at the Festool Kapex, let us focus on what s new together with the Kapex REB.

Greater Extension

To begin Festool improved the Festool Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw slip-out extension tables, making their footprint bigger and steadiness.

They also placed the MiterFast finder in the back end of your resource. The MiterFast definitely makes the move of outside and inside angles from your workpiece to the saw fast and simple without intricate perspective calculations.

Locking Hose Link

Festool offers to turn this upgrade on each of their airborne dirt and dust plug-ins moving forward. The newest relationship is beneficial at gathering airborne dirt and dust and now allows the garden hose to secure position and stop unintended disconnects.

The hose port accommodates 27 mm inside diameter and 36 mm outside size.

The adaptable and easily-removed rubberized dust hood to the rear of the blade deflects waste material in the directional dust particles dock for optimum-in-class 92% effectiveness.

We enjoyed that you could either completely remove this hood when cutting greater material or simply just fold it back on itself to generate far more clearance.

If you think about this locking hose interconnection and also the already present Kapex silicone dirt hood you do have a profitable combination. The rubber dust hood directs the ejection of sawdust from your blade into the dust series harbor.

Master Tip – We learned that the Festool Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw has the finest dust particles removal whenever you cut/shorten your garden hose size to 6 ft and utilize a 36 mm Festool hose.

Magnet Braking system

The 1,600-Watt electric motor inside the Festool Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw makes use of a primary travel for a more efficient exchange of vitality for the blade.

The motor also has a magnet braking system to lower time necessary for the blade to rewrite down. The electric brake that can end the blade within 3-mere seconds.

This brake includes a magnet across the armature, you will find no make contact with factors, and may not wear out over time.

So, the previous Kapex remain worked after some v-groove. The new stand remodeled this groove so that you know specifically where clamp goes.

The remain design is durable, awesome maneuverable, and kinda great searching however it does take up some space from the trailer.

A single cool issue regarding the remain is the CT Mini vacuum suits perfectly underneath it. This will save you room and lowers s journey threats.

Festool Treasured

All Festool strength equipment add a 3-12 months dress in-and-damage warranted, 2-day time regular restoration time, and 1-30 days total satisfaction guarantee.

This simply means they swap brushes for free, tackle wear problems, and repair the instrument whatever. When you think about this- it’s a professional guarantee, not really a DIY strategy!

Forward Design

The Festool Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw features a rail ahead layout that increases preciseness and fosters a portable footprint.

Having a rail-forwards design, the Kpaex REB may be put against a walls for many slicing duties, capitalizing on the work area.

The rails are 30 millimeters in size and wide apart. These people were remodeled to advance minimize deflection and mind engage in, specially when tilted to some 45-diploma bevel.

The rail forward design has been a favorite in the go shopping and then in restricted working areas, like against a walls. It also aids when moving or saving the saw.

Trans portability

The Festool Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw weighs (47 weight) enabling the Kapex REB easy to maneuver the position internet site.

The Kapex’s headlocks straight down making it portable and avoiding go movements. A two-handle location maintains the Kapex REB in close proximity to your center of gravity that allows for any more secure strategy to hold the saw.

While using the Festool Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw, I couldn’t aid but take pleasure in the bevel realignment. When modifying the bevel in the Kapex REB a countertop springtime balances the saw head.

This will keep the saw go in place even when it is not locked in place. This will make dialing in the micro-bevel direction realignment less difficult and a lot more accurate. Bevel gauges have each side from the saw for quick, simple research.

Lock Button

Because we are speaking about bevels, it’s difficult to neglect the Kapex REB “Bevel Secure Button.” The knob conveniently positioned on the top of the Kapex REB to control the bevel good detents and also to fasten the bevel perspective.

The bevel button has three options: optimistic detents at and -45 degrees, free of charge movement between -45 and +45 levels and totally free activity as much as 47 degrees.

Bevels can be made to the left or appropriate along with the bevel gauge shows up on aspects in the saw. You Should get rid of the fencing in order to achieve a 45-level bevel – person I wish that weren’t necessary.

Slicing Placement

Something I found out about the Kapex REB is that it carries a “special cutting position” that, tresses the saw head in and will allow a greater lower in the fencing.

When used, it gives in excess of common decreasing capability by using the back area of the blade more effectively. A lever manages these traits and permits you to minimize crown molding around 6-5/8″ inside the nested position and vertical slashes 4-3/4″ by 3/4″.

Offered as an recommended item, the Crown Quit with Foundation Extension (494 369) attaches to the left and proper from the Kapex by using a V-Groove and locking button delivering further help area and aiding inside the consumption of the unique lower place.

The crown end allows the Kapex to be used within the unique decreasing place to reduce crown molding approximately 6-5/8″ within the nested position.

A favorite attribute of ours is definitely the two-range laser light. The laser is variable and tasks a twin-range to either area from the blade to accurately outline the minimize place for exact lower position.

This laser light has spring-jam-packed carriages in the tool that guard the laser light during carry. One tip that the majority of individuals don’t know would be that the laser beam lenses can be cleansed after a while for much better presence.

One of the things around the that I’ve always treasured and I’m positive is no coincidence is the fact that outdoor patio height of your Kapex fits the size of our Systainer 1 storage space box. Which means I will use several Systainers to support materials becoming minimize.


Another exclusive feature of your Festool Kapex KS 120 REB Miter Saw is a unique trenching ability.

Basically change the natural trenching lever forward, as well as a style to create minimize range. These features could be used to reduce kerfs and trenches to produce lap joint parts or bend the table.

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