PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One, Which One Should You Buy?

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are one of the biggest rivals in the gaming industry, they’re both launched the same year and are almost within the same price range. For the past five years, they’re the most popular games due the great features they both come with. In this post we’ll share their similarities and differences so that you can decide which is best for you.


The price for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is almost the same, the average cost for both is within the range of $250-$300. This price is when you’re buying from the U.S, the price will depend on game extras and controller that comes with the game and also if you’re lucky to get some discount from your retailer, just expect to invest $250 + if you’re looking to buy the standard version of either PS4 or Xbox One. Then there is more expensive version that costs $400 for PlayStation 4 pro and $500 for Xbox One X.  If you want your games to run on a powerful console hardware, both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are a good fit.


This is where you’ll get a huge difference because PlayStation 4 overall has better games than Xbox One. Some of the games for PlayStation are also available on Xbox One, like Assassin’s creed, Call of duty and FIFA. But PlayStation 4 has outstanding games like spider man, The Last of Us, Bloodborne and more. Xbox One also has its own unique games like Forza and Halo, but they’re not match to PlayStation 4 when it comes to exclusive game collection.


Their services are also identical because they both offer free games and anyone can access online multiplayer services, this is subject to if you’re a subscriber to their membership plans. Xbox Live and PlayStation Network are standard services in the gaming industry. If you want to download free games on PlayStation 4 you need to subscribe to the monthly membership that costs $20/Month or $100/year.

While for Xbox One games you need to subscribe to their $10 membership that allows you to download any game released by Microsoft, there services are more affordable. Instead of spending sixty dollars per game, you’ll save yourself a great deal with the $10 monthly membership.

Backward compatibility

One of the biggest advantage Sony’s PlayStation 4 has over Xbox One is their exclusive games collection, it’s their best selling point. While Microsoft’s Xbox One major selling point is backward compatibility. Both Xbox and Xbox 360 games can be played on Xbox One, if you love your games from older versions, they can still be played on Xbox One.

Backward compatibility comes with a lot of benefits, first you don’t need to worry about spending more money on buying games, Microsoft is serious about preserving gaming history. Also Xbox players should expect more updates from previous consoles.


Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are leaders in the industry when it comes to controllers, they’re comfortable and best in class. 2 thumbsticks, directional pad and a bunch of buttons on them. They seem complex but are easier to learn just like your typical computer keyboard. You can’t specify which controller is the best between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it all comes down to your preference, that means there is no judgement on this one.

Virtual Reality

This is a distinctive feature that’s available only on PS4, it’s not available on Xbox One. Sony also don’t offer this for free, you have to get ready to invest an $200-$300 for the PS VR. The pair of headset provide an excellent high end virtual reality experience to users, this is not your typical smartphone headset, it’s also not powerful like PC headsets such a HTC’s Vive and Oculus Rift. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One come with Microphone/camera peripheral, you’ll hardly use them though.


Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One interface is easy to use, they share more similarities than differences and I think you’ll be fine working with them.


Xbox One and PS4 both come with attractive designs, they’re good under a TV and no worries to fit into a backpack. Both two gaming consoles offer 500GB store and can be expanded through external hard drive. I can’t say which one is the best between the two when it comes to hardware because they’re both great when it comes to hardware.

Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4 – Which One Should I Choose?

It’s hard to answer the question, I know a lot of gamers will choose PlayStation 4 and will vote PS4 as the best console, but generally it all comes down to your preferences. Yes, PlayStation 4 has more games than Xbox One, and not only that you can utilize the PSN cards and make multiple purchase from their store, you can use as low as $10 PSN cards to make purchase.

But Xbox One allow you to enjoy almost all your Xbox 360 games, the backward compatibility is a bonus. As a previous Xbox user you’ll love to go with Xbox One. Before making selection, I believe it all comes down to the type of games you want to play, if you love PS4 games you can choose PlayStation and likewise if you’ve enjoyed Xbox games in the past, you can stick with Xbox One.

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